How and when to wear red outfit?


If you follow street style and the many trends introduced through it, you know red has been all the rage owing to the vibrancy and dramatics it offers. However, when it comes to blazers, the bright hues of red instantly spice up your fashion game, adding versatility and giving your everyday outfit a whole new direction. 

Gone are the days when blazers meant only navy and black. Instead, 2022 is all about embracing exuberant vibrancy, and what screams vibrant better than red? So if you’re into bold and brave fashion, continue reading because we will tell you how to wear a red blazer in different eye-grabbing ways. 

Here are some top-notch red blazer outfit ideas. 

What To Expect In This Article?

Florals and Fabulous

A floral red blazer is something only the very creative ones would try, but you have a winner of an outfit if you know how to style them right. Grab your classic white tee and pair it with a neutral beige mini-skirt and sleek red sandals. Of course, you can always add a gold chain or a matching bag but do not accessorize too much and let the blazer do the talking. 

Go the other way if you don’t want to try the floral blazer but still wish to hop on the floral bandwagon. Team up pastel-colored flared or fitted floral dress with light pink or peach tones, and wear a short red blazer on top. Leave your hair open, put on some stylish sunglasses and a cute bracelet, and you’re ready for any semi formal daytime event. 

Layering and Asymmetrical Designs 

What makes a good outfit even better? When you layer it with the right counterparts to add more depth and elegance. Combine a white or light pink tee with coral red chinos and put on a below-the-waist matching blazer. As for your layering, put on an asymmetric pleated skirt on top of the chinos to add that eccentric style. 

Finish off your look with statement black heels to add a little contrast, and you can own this chic fashion style at any fashion-forward event or occasion. 


Since we’re talking blazers, there is no way we’ll dismiss different suit options that you can style with this lively color. Let’s go: 

Ruffle Suit

Ruffles are everything you need to spice up an ordinary outfit, and when you add them to an already iconic red suit, you have a winner for sure. Pair your red ruffled suit with a matching black or neutral button-down, and add a floral bow scarf to add that fun element to your formal red blazer outfit.

Finally, finish off this winter wardrobe with classic black shoes, a handbag and bold red lips to achieve this look during working hours and later. 

Cropped Suit

Not everyone feels comfortable in culottes or flared pants, but if you feel confident enough to try them, then what’s stopping you? Go grab your red-cut pants and blazer with a detailed bow neck blouse and vintage beige knee-high boots. 

Consequently, wrap your hair in a classic high bun, wear matching glasses and carry a beige or neutral bag to complete this look. You can easily rock this outfit at your workplace, business dinners, or other formal events. 

Pant Suit

You can always go for a monochrome red pantsuit to add the right amount of intensity to your look and ace this style at any formal event. Wear a black or white formal button-down, tie your hair in a sleek bun and carry a matching clutch bag for a refined look.

If you want to go a little on the casual style, then trade your button-down for a graphic shirt to spice up the look, and pair it with matching shoes and a trendy bracelet or earrings. 


Here are some matching bottoms that will pair easily with your red blazers and make you stand out: 


If you want to elevate your regular jeans and shirt instantly, then this is how you do it. Pair your everyday white shirt or a navy striped blouse with washed blue jeans, and throw on a deep red blazer to complete this comfy yet contemporary casual red blazer outfit.  

You can add stylish black sunglasses and carry a handbag with some red details to have your matchy moment. This is an iconic outfit for lunch with friends or a casual hangout with colleagues, which will make you look fresh and give a high-end vibe. 

Bell-Bottoms and Blazers

If you want to incorporate a blazer in a casual outfit, but are so done with fitted jeans. Pair your neutral or white button-down with denim bell bottoms and throw over a red blazer to complete this chic mainstream outfit

As for shoes, you can wear sleek pointy heels for a polished look or can even go for white sneakers if you’re feeling more laid-back. 

Skirts, Style and More

For a classic interpretation of a mid-length red blazer, pair it with a light grey top and a suede button-down skirt with lace-up heels. Of course, you can always carry a classy handbag or wear a statement necklace to complete the look for any casual event. 

If you want to be at a coffee shop and work in style, invest in a tweed red blazer and team it up with a beige or grey maxi skirt or even a denim mini-skirt and a matching top. Leave your hair open, carry a red bag and amp up your look with a long silver necklace. 

Want to go for a look that’s a tad bit formal and create a spot-on office red blazer outfit? Then grab a striped or neutral black/grey skirt and team it up with a crisp off-the-shoulder white top, red blazer, and stylish white bag. You can easily flaunt this look at work, weddings, dinners, or even birthday celebrations. 

Shorts for More Style

Blazer and shorts! Bizarre right? Well, not for the millennials who love this new casual yet classy styling option that makes up for an adorable holiday outfit. Combine your high-waisted shorts with a matching graphic t-shirt and a printed red blazer, and finally perk up your ensemble with a pair of neat white sneakers. 

For shorts, go for all-white, black, or khaki colors to create a contrast with red, so your red blazer remains the star of the show. But, of course, you can always add matching accessories like a cute bracelet or a stylish headband to finish the look. 

The Bottom Line 

You know everything to style a red blazer and rock it effortlessly for various occasions if you’ve made it this far. Depending on your taste and event, you can go for a jacket over your dress, a monochrome suit, or mix and match your blazer with different bottoms. So which one of these would you go for?

This was our take on how and when to wear a red blazer, but you can always modify these looks, add your innovative styles and give these outfits a little personal twist. Just make sure you keep the color combinations in mind, pair complementing textures and fabrics, and consider the event’s formality. Good luck styling! 

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