Introduction to Varsity Jackets

Introduction to Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jackets and Letterman Jackets are one and the same, the reason for the use of two names has more to do with history. Varsity Jackets are normally used by Sportsmen, school and college guys. In many High-Schools and Universities, most teams have a Junior Varsity level as well as a Varsity Level that has the best players or individuals in the concerned field. So the use of Varsity Jacket was only introduced recently to classify a certain group of people, as opposed to Letterman Jackets that goes back to the beginning. 

The change to the use of jackets from sweaters, understandably has to do with the use of more fabrics such as cotton along with leather sleeves that developed from the original make using wool alone. This name originates from the presence of letters that are patched or embroidered onto the jacket. These letters can have different meanings, from the school’s name to the athlete’s number. Hence the combination of different icons found on Varsity Jackets today. 

Why are Varsity Jackets so Expensive?

Varsity Jackets are highly desired, personal pieces of outerwear that are made from high-quality materials and customized to the customer’s liking. The price of these jackets can seem very high at first glance. However, this price-point is justified; once we consider the quality of materials, the option of complete customization and the sentimental worth these jackets can have for a person.

The true value of Varsity Jackets lies in the connection that they and the wearer have in between. For a high school graduate, these Varsity Letterman Jackets are like a trophy, a piece of their life spent in that sports team. While for a person getting them for their looks and fashion, the value resides in their customized nature. A Custom Varsity Jacket is something that is exactly how they want it to be. From the material on the sleeves to the color on the cuffs, everything is personal to them and represents them as a person.

What are the Different Types of Varsity Jackets?

Over the last few decades, Varsity Jackets have expanded pretty rapidly. The custom nature of these jackets allow designers to innovate and try new things with the materials and designs of these jackets. Let’s look at the different types of Varsity Jackets.


One way to categorize Varsity Jackets is by the materials used in their making. Here are the three main combinations of materials used for these jackets:

Varsity Hybrid- Wool Body and Leather Sleeves

 As the name implies, the body of these Varsity Jackets is made from high-quality wool, and the sleeves are constructed from real leather of your choice. There is usually a color difference between the wool and leather for a contrast look. The perfect example of this type of Varsity Jacket would be our Hybrid Varsity Jacket.

Complete Leather Varsity Jacket

 Complete leather Custom Varsity Jackets are made from all sorts of different types of leather. These leather Custom Varsity Jackets are often single colored and often shiny in nature. The color and type of leather are completely up to the customer, and they can choose any combination they want.

Full Wool Varsity Jacket

 Wool Varsity Jackets are made of high-quality, soft, and fluffy wool. A completely wool composition allows for greater color variation and combination that is not bound by the limits of leather. There are several sleeve and collar designs in the wool category, such as the Set-in Sleeves, Raglan Sleeves, Knit up Collar, and Byron Collar.

Possible customizations in Varsity Jacket

 Purchasing a custom varsity jacket from us gives you total control over everything, and by everything, we do mean every single detail. For starters, you can choose the material you want your jacket, body, sleeves, and collar would be made out of, from a huge selection of leather, wool, polyester, nylon, cotton, denim, fleece, or even satin. This choice also includes the choice of the color you want your jacket’s body and sleeves to be. If you pick leather as the material of your choice, you have further options for the type of leather and also the finish on it.

Moving on from the materials, you can change almost everything about the design. Do you want a hood, or shoulder insert or anything else changed about the standard design? We will gladly guide you through the process and will customize it exactly to your liking.

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