What are the puffer leather jackets?

Puffer leather jackets are no doubt made in high quality real sheep leather but are filled with reasonable ounces of cotton to create an insulation layer between your body and the outside world. The cotton used is extremely fluffy which makes the whole jacket very lightweight. These jackets are also known by the names like bubble jackets, down filled jackets, bubble coats and V-bomber jackets.

People who have never worn a puffer leather Jacket, it might look like an awkward mess that would make movement difficult, and on the face of it, they don’t even look all that warm, especially compared to jackets like the pure wool blazers and fur shearling jackets. But don’t be surprised by their appearance, as they are very soft, easy to move around in, and contain much warmth.

 Features of Puffer leather Jacket

Puffer leather jackets are some of the most unique and trendy pieces of upper wear that packs style and functionality by the truckload. These fluffy wonders are capable of warming your heart, soul, and body, even in the coldest of climates. Let’s take a deeper look into the world of puffer leather jackets and figure out what makes them so desirable.

What is the difference between a puffer leather jacket and a down filled jacket?

People most of the times confuse these terms and use them interchangeably, but these are two very different jackets, as the core material that gives them their warmth is entirely different.

Down filled jackets

Down jackets are called “down” jackets because they are filled with the actual down feathers of a goose. These down feathers are what give these birds warmth and insulation, so they also make an excellent insulator for jackets. These jackets are fairly expensive and are categorized based on a measurement known as the “fill power.” Higher the fill power, higher the warmth, and subsequently the price of the jacket.

There are also downsides in wearing them on a daily basis, as they are not good with regular washing and will start to lose their fluffiness.

Puffer Leather Jackets

Puffer leather jackets, on the other hand, as mentioned earlier, use cotton fillings that are created for the sole purpose of being in these jackets. These cotton fillings have been engineered to almost perfection, as they provide as much insulation and warmth as real down filled jackets. Puffer jackets also avoid the regular wash issues that spoil jackets.

Puffer Leather Jackets and Fashion

Puffer leather jackets started their fashion journey in the 1930s, and they’ve cemented their place at the top of high street and celebrity fashion since then. The design has, however, evolved over the decades and transformed according to what was popular in the rest of the fashion industry, but the signature quilted design of puffer jackets has always remained recognizable. A person from today can go back in time to the 1950s and still recognize a puffer leather jacket.

Their timeless and iconic design, combined with the continued celebrity preference, meant that these jackets never left public fashion. This, shared with the amazing versatility and accessibility of these jackets, has made them a household name, and there is no better way to get some drip while staying comfy and cozy. Let’s look at some styles, outfits, and combinations that you can try and look classy while doing so.

Oversized Puffer Leather Jackets

An oversized maxi puffer leather jacket has become a part of almost all celebrities’ closets, and for a good reason. While not really practical for anything more demanding than chilling out with your friends, these large puffers offer a sense of high-fashion and luxurious class that is almost impossible to replicate with any other piece of clothing.

You, too, can follow in the footsteps of these superstars and become the superstar of the party you are attending. But this look is not as simple to achieve as it looks. You can’t just buy a puffer four sizes bigger and call it a day. A lot of thought and research needs to be put into it, but all of that effort is well worth it for the posh look you’ll be able to achieve in the end.

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